• Building
    Building Waterproof sealing of building doors and Windows and telescopic gap
  • Automobile
    Automobile Automobile cargo van, container van body middle and side seams,load base plate welding cracks...
  • Container
    Container Waterproof sealing of container, passenger car, ship etc
  • Steel
    Steel Waterproof sealing of steel structure engineering and steel roof, color steel plate connecting
  • Mechanics
    Mechanics All kinds of mechanical operations and the need for a variety of waterproof sealing parts etc.
  • Paper tube packaging
    Paper tube packaging Customized according to customer requirements
  • WeChat public platform for the official operation
    WeChat public platform for the official operation, can search for attention integrity butyl sealant
  • Insulating glass industry development prospects look good
    Insulating glass production and processing equipment industry has experienced many years of development, fierce competition, various manufacturers in hollow glass equipment price war to fight the more intense
  • Problems and reasons of hollow glass products appear
    Due to the instability of the second sealant quality, low molecular content is too high, under the irradiation of ultraviolet from the sun migration volatilization into the hollow glass internal cause fogging.
  •   Butyl sealant, common problems of hollow glass
    In the insulating glass production process, often appear some problems
  • Credit(HeNan)Sealing New Material Tech Co.,Ltd was located in the Mengzhuang industrial Zone , Zhongzhou famous town,Huixian City, HeNan Province.From the technology introduction , digestion and absorption in 2003, after seven years of training and practice was formally established in 2009 .The company with "professional, focus" as the core business philosophy, for more than ten years to focus on the research and development of insulating glass butyl sealant, has grown into domestic insulating glass butyl sealant industry large scale, professional and production enterprises.

    At present, the company has a technical team consisting of 4 doctors, more than 20 junior college or above professionals, and obtain 3 computer software copyright registration certificates and apply for 16 patent rights.With more than 20,000 square meters clean production workshop, advanced automated production line, professional technical research .... [more]

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